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What I wish I knew about my first #StyledShoot

So I have a few styled shoots under my belt and each time you do one, you get better and better at it. You figure out smaller details that you should include every single time and with that, these are the five things I wish I knew about my first #StyledShoot:

1. Don't try to do everything yourself. I know it's super intimidating to ask other vendors if they can put in their time and effort (and sometimes money!) to partner up with someone new, but you should still ask around! Maybe there's a new photographer in town who doesn't have her business licenses yet (I'm looking at you Tia Larue Photography <3 ) or a partner program like Generation Tux that will let you use something for free in exchange for marketing material. It's really hard to be the coordinator and the photographer, and the hair and make up artist, don't do it all, do it with friends!

2. The details matter. Keep an eye out for crooked boutonnieres, rumpled dress bottoms, and make sure everyone's hair is in the right place. Don't make more work for your photographer by making them photoshop these little things.

3. Team up with vendors who match the aesthetic! You want to make sure the vibe you are going for in the shoot is everyone's vibe, whether that's photography style, venue location, or props, make sure everyone who participates can get something out of it Last thing you want is a moody-styled vendor with bright, colorful photos they can't use.

4. Have back ups for EVERYTHING. A lot of planning goes into a coordinated #StyledShoot you don't want to suddenly be without a suit that fits the groom, or a location affected by weather. If you need to, pack a few necessities like a spare dress, (fake) wedding rings, and some ribbon in case you need to throw a bouquet from Safeway together really quick.

5. (And probably the most important!) Work with good people and give them thank you cards! Many times, people are eager to work with a vendor who is well-known in the community even if they aren't the nicest, just for notoriety, but I disagree! Work with nice people who you like and the follows will come as long as everyone in the team works hard on the shoot, because it will be beautiful! Plus even if it's just a pretty card, they will still have something to remember you by that not a lot of other vendors give out anymore,

Here is a shot from my very first styled shoot where I did everything except the florals! Karrie from Karrie Michelle Floral Design was kind enough to help me out when I didn't know exactly what I was doing, but I will always remember that! =)

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